Caring for your toothbrush.

Bamboo toothbrushes are a little different to your old plastic toothbrushes. They are strong and resilient but need to be cared for, just like our planet.

When your toothbrush is not in use, keep it dry. In a hanging toothbrush holder is ideal. If you keep it in a cup, make sure water isn’t pooling at the bottom of the cup. Letting your toothbrush sit in water could lead to faster deterioration or mould - not ideal. 

Sometimes one or two bristles can come out or go astray. You can simply snip off any strays with scissors. It won’t make the toothbrush any less affective.

Dentist recommend replacing your toothbrush every 3 months. We believe that our Kind Kids Toothbrushes may require replacing a little earlier due to the natural material breaking down a little faster. However, if you follow the directions above, you should see your toothbrush last between 8-10 weeks without any issue.

We know kids can be a little rougher with toothbrushes. Biting and chewing is not going to make your toothbrush very happy. They simply won't stand up to this kind of pressure. Wherever possible, try to keep biting and chewing to a minimum or you will find you will need to replace your toothbrushes much sooner.

Once you are finished with your toothbrush and you have your replacement brush ready to go, there are a bunch of ways you can repurpose your toothbrush to increase its lifespan.

  • They make awesome nail brushes.
  • Scrubbing brushes for hard to reach books and crannies in your bathroom and kitchen.
  • Paintbrushes for kids.
  • Seedling labels.

We would love to see how you repurpose our toothbrushes. Tag us with any pics using @kindkidstoothbrushes or #kindkidstoothbrushes

Once your brush is well and truly finished with, use a knife or razor to cut the bristles off or pliers to pull them out. Then simply place in your green waste bin or compost bin. 

That’s it! You’ve just diverted a plastic toothbrush from landfill! Well done you!